Your network is crucial to your iT environment. It allows you to be in touch to the outside world and to gather data, knowledge seamlessly 24×7. The aim of your network is to improve and grow. We provide upgrades both in hardware and software of many different brands and networking types. SYNOLOGY, CISCO, TPLINK, NETGEAR, UNIFI, MICROTECH, NTU, MFD are just some of our capabilities.

Setup and Installations

Our network trained staff are equipped with the latest knowledge in connecting your business to whatever end device you need. Fast and reliable.

Upgrades and Procurements

Finding the best deals in iT industry takes a lot of time, knowledge and experience of where to look and who to find. SNiT along with its prime knowledge takes the stress out of your business by finding comparable deals within competitive markets in over 100 locations both online and in stores. SNiT is also a reseller for major branded industries. Just ask for what you need and we will do the rest. Our comparable system offers low , medium and high range quotes and we also customise your needs according your finance business status making sure you don’t break your budget and allowing you to get the best purchase your money can buy. Enquire now so we can find your deal. Our deals also allow for maximum warranty benefits allowing customers additional warranties for not extra cost.

* subject to availability, supply’s and manufacture conditions.