Project Management

At SNiT we have developed structured methods in Project Management towards your business that requires this type of innovation. Our methods are well thought through and caters to a customisable method tailored to your business. Our project methodology is based around standardised business ITIL framework. Our staff are ITIL registered and compliant in its language and skills ensuring success and ITIL frameworks are established.

SNiT’s scope and initial planning phase handles the needs of your project ensuring all requirements are accounted for so its build phase is flawless. Handling meetings, reviews, constant communication with the customer, suppliers, third party vendors etc is a must when establishing a project.

Every project serves its own purpose. A generic outcome of every project to ensure positive results. Using the aid of iT that is efficient, durable, interactive and hassle free allows the project and its success to be more rewarding. At SNiT we make projects and its success your vision. Enquiry with us today to see how we can assist with your next Project. Call or email us now!


From a 1 person in house Accounting business to a 50 staff development business SNiT ensures iT needs of your business is maintained, improved and delivers most efficient products without downtime. Every personal and business entity will have a detailed audit conducted to ensure all attributes of your iT establishment are accounted for and helps improve the formula for better business with your assets. SNiT improves this process with an iT audit and a goal you wish to see from your current inventory. SNiT will then recommend leading innovation and improvements that will save time, money and keep you in todays fast paced game.